Article 1. Name

The name of the organization is the New Mexico Chapter of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists.

Article 2. Purpose.

The purpose of the New Mexico chapter of the Association of Hispanic Journalists is to:

  1.   Provide networking opportunities for Hispanics in journalism and communications careers
  2.   Help develop Hispanic leaders in journalism
  3.   Advance and be an advocate for Hispanics in journalism and communications careers
  4.   Encourage Hispanics to consider and pursue journalism and communications professions.

Article 3. Membership

Journalists membership:

General membership is open to all professionals journalists who support themselves principally from income earned in the gathering, editing or presentation of news. All general members are eligible to vote and hold office. Annual dues are thirty-five (35) dollars.

Communications membership:

Communications membership is open to journalism educators, professionals in advertising and public relations, freelancers. Communications members are eligible to vote and can hold office except for that of President or Vice President. Annual dues are thirty-five (35) dollars.

Student membership:

Student membership is open to high school and college students involved in the study of communications. Student members may vote and hold office. Annual dues are twenty-five (25) dollars.

Supporting membership:

Supporting membership is open to entities that support the goals of the Association. There shall be two classes of supporting members.

  1.   Individual, whose annual dues shall be one-hundred (100) dollars.
  2.   Corporate, whose annual dues shall be five-hundred (500) dollars.

Article 4. Membership requirements:

  1.   Annual dues must be renewed by date of officer elections in December.
  2.   Dues must be up-to-date for a member to vote on Association issues or elections.
  3.        The membership fees may be modified by a two-thirds vote of eligible members as well as a two-thirds vote of elected officers present at a meeting.

Article 5. Meetings and Elections

  1. Association meetings shall be held a minimum of four times a year.  Additional meetings may be called at the discretion of the President and/or majority of the officers. Meetings can be held in person or virtually. All meetings and an official agenda must be posted to the general membership no later than three days before the scheduled meeting, which falls in line with the New Mexico Open Meetings Act. A draft of the previous meeting’s minutes must be posted to the chapter’s website at least one week in advance of the next meeting. Those minutes must be approved at the following meeting.
  2.   Annual election of officers shall take place between August 1 and October 31 of each year. It is required that all chapters of NAHJ hold their elections within this time frame. In the event this is not possible, the chapter president will reach out to the national office for guidance. Should an officer resign a post, a special election will be called within thirty days.
  3.   A quorum of at least two-thirds of the elected officers is required to conduct association business at an officially called meeting posted to the general membership.

Article 6. Organizational Structure

Officers comprise the Board of Directors. Each officer may serve on any of the association committees.

President: The Association president must be a working journalist. He/She presides over meetings and develops the working agenda. He/she is the organizations’ official spokesperson.  The president appoints committee chairs and members to assist with committee assignments.

Vice-President: The vice-president must be a working journalist. He/She shall assume all duties of the president in the event of the absence or disability of the president.

Secretary: The secretary shall attend all meetings and will keep a book of minutes of meetings of the members and the directors. The secretary will keep a record of membership, showing names of all members, contact information, type of membership. The secretary shall be responsible for ensuring the membership receives meeting notices by mail, email or telephone.

Treasurer: The treasurer shall keep a record of all financial transactions by the association including:

  1.   making deposits of all money in the name and to the credit of the Association;
  2.   disbursing funds at the order of the officers;
  3.   making available to the officers whenever requested, an account of all transactions and the condition of the financial condition of the Association and;
  4. records showing the latest dues payments.

At-Large Board Members

Up to two (2) at-large board members will take on additional responsibilities as assigned by the chapter president.   

Upkeep of social media duties, including Facebook and Twitter, will be assigned by the president.

Article 7. Removal or Resignation of Officers

Any elected officer may resign his/her post by providing a letter of resignation to the President and officers.

The President may resign by submitting their resignation to the full board of directors.

Any elected officer may be removed by a majority vote of members present at the latest meeting.

Committee chairs may be removed by the President without any vote.

Officers may be subject to removal for missing three meetings per year.  If an Officer is unable to attend a scheduled meeting, he/she must inform any one of the other officers with ample time for their responsibilities to be assumed/assigned to someone else for the meeting.

Vacancies of any elected position can only be filled by special election.

Article 8. Committees

The Association will have several standing committees:

  • Website
  • Event planning/organization

The President will appoint ad-hoc committees as necessary. All committee chairs and members must be current Association members.

The president will appoint an NM NAHJ member to the position of events coordinator. This person is not an executive voting member.

Article 9. Amendments to the Bylaws

  •    The Association bylaws may be amended by recommending changes at a regular or special meeting. Amendments can be voted on during regular or special meetings, and must gain approval from two-thirds of the board of directors. Proxy votes and/or electronic voting are not permitted.
  •    Proposed changes must be presented in writing or electronically to the general membership through the secretary at least thirty (30) days before an amendment vote.

Bylaws were updated on Nov. 2, 2020.